Christmast order tober 2016 (personalised jewellery ) :-)

DorothyK London embodies everything London is - class, individuality, playfulness and unique spirit and power. The jewellery carries an extraordinary value as it is handcrafted by the designer herself and spiritually-driven in her heart and soul.
DorothyK London stands for exclusive goods made of top quality materials that will satisfy individual needs and desires.

 585 gold- 14 carat , 925 silver, 24ct gold plated, semi-precious stone, natural pearls, Swarovski elements

At DorothyK your sterling silver pieces are plated (vermeil) with either 24ct gold . As silver is susceptible to tarnishing the plating helps to protect the silver.  Additionally, both gold and rhodium are harder than silver so the plating also helps to protect the jewellery from damage due to wear and tear.
24 ct Gold Vermeil  This means that a thin layer of 24ct gold has been plated on top of 925 sterling silver